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Nintendo Characters
Dog guitarist who is called 'Totakeke' in Japan.  
This character is a portmanteau of two other characters from the Mario universe. 
Recurring boss who first appears when Mario invades his playground near Goomba Village.  
Protagonist of video game that has recently 'Uprised' on the 3DS.  
'You can not grasp the true form of' this popular antagonist.  
Carrot loving companion of the character who wishes to repay his debt to Hocotate Freight. 
Sega Characters
Hedgehog with unusual telekinetic powers. 
Character who fights by competing in games of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  
This character first appears alongside the main protagonist to recover the Sol Emeralds from Dr Eggman.  
The name of the bottlenosed dolphin who stars in several action/adventure games of the same name.  
The other crash-landed alien rapper who appeared alongside Toejam.  
Banana-stealing antagonist in Super Monkey Ball 2.  
Miscellaneous Characters
Name of a rapping dog, in a PS rhythm game, who's catchphrase is 'I Gotta Believe!'  
Taito's coffee loving escapologist.  
Double-Jumping heroine in Pandemonium. 
Helpful masked character in the Crash Bandicoot series 
Mysterious puzzle-piece shaped character who serves as keeper of the Jiggies, and the one who can open up new worlds in this game. 
Limb-less star of a popular platforming series by Ubisoft.  

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