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Can you name the Odd Sonic Zone From The Selection? ?

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OptionsOdd One Out
Seaside Coast, Hot Shelter, Lost World
Balloon Park, Chrome Gadget, Dust Hill
Savannah Citadel, Crisis City, Jungle Joyride
Egg Resort, Asteroid Coaster, Aquarium Park
Dead line, Deep Core, Point W
Sky High, Gimmick Mt, Death Egg
Rail Canyon, Bullet Station, Missile Valley
Sunset Hill, Lost Labyrinth, Mad Gear
Yellow Desert, Red Volcano, Blue Sea
Kingdom Valley, Water Palace, Tropical Jungle
Radical City, Radiant Emerald, Radioactive Factory
Toxic Caves, Lava Powerhouse, The Mechanism
Whale Point, Icy Peaks, Sky Babylon
Sleeping Egg, Electric Egg, Crystal Egg
Amazing Arena, Buoyant Base, Speed Slider
OptionsOdd One Out
Oil Desert, Sylvania Ruin, Sky Fortress
Neo Green Hill, Ice Paradise, Egg Rocket
Lava Reef, Sky Sanctuary, Ice Cap
Route 101, Ocean Base, Toy Kingdom
Volcanic Valley, Spring Stadium, Panic Puppet
Marble Garden, Launch Base, Hydropolis
Starlight Speedway, Quartz Quadrant, Wacky Workbench
Aquatic Lake, Hill Top, Oil Ocean
Camelot Castle, Molten Mine, Windy Woods
Secret Plant, Sky Base, Gigantic Angel
Levitation Ruin, Night Palace, Skeleton Dome
Green Forest, Pyramid Cave, Gravity Gadget
Green Hill, Scrap Brain, Casino Night
Hot Crater, Ice Mountain, Sky Canyon
Meta Junglira, Giant Turquoise, Sunset Park

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