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Can you name the Top Ten NFL Draft Picks from 1980-1989?

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Year/NFL Team/PickPlayerCollege
1980/Detroit Lions/1Oklahoma
1980/Kansas City Chiefs/2Texas
1980/Cincinnatti Bengals/3USC
1980/Green Bay Packers/4Penn State
1980/Indianapolis Colts/5Texas A&M
1980/St. Louis Cardinals/6Michigan
1980/Atlanta Falcons/7Nebraska
1980/New York Giants/8Colorado
1980/Minnesota Vikings/9Washington
1980/Seattle Seahawks/10Texas A&M
1981/New Orleans Saints/1South Carolina
1981/New York Giants/2North Carolina
1981/New York Jets/3UCLA
1981/Seattle Seahawks/4UCLA
1981/St. Louis Cardinals/5Alabama
1981/Green Bay Packers/6California
1981/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/7Pittsburgh
1981/San Fransisco 49ers/8USC
1981/LA Rams/9Michigan
1981/Cincinnatti Bengals/10Kansas
1982/New England Patriots/1Texas
1982/Indianapolis Colts/2Mississippi State
1982/Cleveland Browns/3USC
1982/Indianapolis Colts/4Ohio State
1982/Chicago Bears/5Brigham Young
1982/Seattle Seahawks/6Clemson
1982/Minnesota Vikings/7Stanford
1982/Houston Oilers/8Penn State
1982/Atlanta Falcons/9Arizona State
1982/LA Raiders/10USC
1983/Indianapolis Colts/1Stanford
1983/LA Rams/2Southern Methodist
1983/Seattle Seahawks/3Penn State
1983/Denver Broncos/4Northwestern
Year/NFL Team/PickPlayerCollege
1983/San Diego/5Arkansas
1983/Chicago Bears/6Pittsburgh
1983/Kansas City Chiefs/7Penn State
1983/Philadelphia Eagles/8Mississippi State
1983/Houston Oilers/9USC
1983/New York Giants/10Clemson
1984/New England/1Nebraska
1984/Houston Oilers/2Nebraska
1984/New York Giants/3Michigan State
1984/Philadelphia Eagles/4Penn State
1984/Kansas City Chiefs/5Pittsburgh
1984/San Diego Chargers/6Texas
1984/Cincinnatti Bengals/7Arizona
1984/Indianapolis Colts/8Vanderbilt
1984/Atlanta Falcons/9Oklahoma
1984/New York Jets/10Southern Methodist
1985/Buffalo Bills/1Virginia Tech
1985/Atlanta Falcons/2Pittsburgh
1985/Houston Oilers/3Texas A&M
1985/Minnesota Vikings/4Pittsburgh
1985/Indianapolis Colts/5USC
1985/Detroit Lions/6Florida
1985/Green Bay Packers/7USC
1985/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/8Washington
1985/Philadelphia Eagles/9Indiana
1985/New York Jets/10Wisconsin
1986/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/1Auburn
1986/Atlanta Falcons/2Oklahoma
1986/Houston Oilers/3Purdue
1986/Indianapolis Colts/4Alabama
1986/St. Louis Cardinals/5Michigan State
1986/New Orleans Saints/6Virginia
1986/Kansas City Chiefs/7Virginia
1986/San Diego Chargers/8Oklahoma State
Year/NFL Team/PickPlayerCollege
1986Pittsburgh Steelers/9Temple
1986/Philadelphia Eagles/10Ohio State
1987/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/1Miami
1987/Indianapolis Colts/2Alabama
1987/Houston Oilers/3Miami
1987/Green Bay Packers/4Auburn
1987/Cleveland Browns/5Duke
1987/St. Louis Cardinals/6Colorado State
1987/Detroit Lions/7Washington
1987/Buffalo Bills/8Washington
1987/Philadelphia Eagles/9Miami
1987/Pittsburgh Steelers/10Purdue
1988/Atlanta Falcons/1Auburn
1988/Kansas City Cheifs/2Nebraska
1988/Detroit Lions/3Miami
1988/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/4Wisconsin
1988/Cincinnatti Bengals/5Oklahoma
1988/LA Raiders/6Notre Dame
1988/Green Bay Packers/7South Carolina
1988/New York Jets/8USC
1988/LA Raiders/9Tennessee
1988/New York Giants/10Indiana
1989/Dallas Cowboys/1UCLA
1989/Green Bay Packers/2Michigan State
1989/Detroit Lions/3Oklahoma State
1989/Kansas City Chiefs/4Alabama
1989/Atlanta Falcons/5Florida State
1989/Tampa Bay Buccaneers/6Nebraska
1989/Pittsburgh Steelers/7Georgia
1989/San Diego Chargers/8Pittsburgh
1989/Miami Dolphins/9Florida State
1989/Phoenix Cardinals/10LSU

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