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Where was this quote said 'This is SOOO Much better than hanging out with students'
'_______ what Kind of disciple are you' who is this about?
finish this quote 'I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty _______'
'It's not required?? Elliot give me back my ________'
What does Fabian and Johnny watch before going to sleep
'Never say that to me unless ___________ comes after it'
'Sometimes I wish I was discipled by ___________'
What city is Fabian specifically from in the US?
Who was Fabian's team leader in 09?
What does Fabian do that makes him valuable at CLICC
What did a car have that made Fabian say 'really guy, really!?'
Fabian owns this show's largest collection of DVDs in ICA
What city did Fabian first watch Transformers 2 in?
According to Fabian who wrote the song 'It is Well'
'If you don't go to watch this you'll be the ONLY one who doesn't go' who was he talking to?
'we have made a _________ before the Lord to cut your hair Josh'
What is Fabian's favorite book in the bible
What city was Fabian born in?
According to Fabian '_________ makes USC look like disneyland'
If asked for requests at praise night, what is Fabian most likely to shout out?
What activity does Fabian say 'I hate this bastard __________'
According to Fabian '80% is wrong about' what movie'
Fabian thinks there should be a ___________ guitar hero
When Fabian says 'agreed', what movie does he reference?
According to Fabian, who should never MC together
What is Fabian infamous for reading on emails
What is Fabian infamous for not doing
'Sir, you have dishonored me. I'mma ______ you'
What was the title of Fabian's annoucement for boba runs
'Donde esta mi _________'
In top spin 2, Fabian always substitutes Sharpenova with what tennis player's actual name?
What name did Fabian joke about naming his CRV?
According to Fabian 'if you live by the gospel, you ________________'
What secular artist would Fabian actually go see in person?
When Fabian dislikes a course of action what does he say?
What specific interaction does Fabian never do at CLICC
Who is Fabian staying around for?
Who sings the song for Fabian's general ringtone?
What was the first thing Fabian said as the train left Mongolia?
What did Fabian treat his team to on his birthday in Hong Kong?
a parody of Fabian's favorite SNL skit was performed at 2009 banquet, what was it?
What does Fabian sometimes say when entering a tunnel?
What Fast Food restaurant did Fabian work at?
Name one movie Fabian watched on the plane going to VSET
According to Fabian 'watching Avatar twice is an ________'
Name Fabian's AIM screenname
Who is Fabian's 'favorite' superhero?
According to Fabian, Erick and his '_____________' beats
What phrase did Fabian replace with 'you just don't know' in Fall 2009
What do you say to initiate this response from Fabian 'I don't talk like that'
On Fabian's phone, what song does he have for Aaron Mori?
According to Fabian what are the ACTUAL ABCs of sharing?
On STP, how long does he give the brothers to shower?
According to Fabian, what's the only way to travel on a long distance flight?
What does Fabian call Enery
What is Fabian's reason for shooting or hitting you after you are dead on halo? To make sure you ________
On his VSET application, he said that Mike Wong is his primary influence, followed by Erick Loh in a close second then who?
'I'd make a good lawyer, I'm pretty _______'
If Fabian points out a flaw in someone's thinking what is he likely to say
Who is Fabian's favorite Super Smash Brothers character?

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