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Which country has a terrorist group named the Red Brigades?
Name the most northerly AND southerly national capitals
A citizen of Baltimore is called a ________
On what continent did the potato originate?
These Portuguese islands are off the coast of Morocco
What is known as 'Ireland's crown jewel'?
In 1948, this country was split into two parts
This city, founded in 1496 is the oldest permanent settlement in the Western Hemisphere
This small neutral country was occupied by Germany in both world wars
In what country are Catalan and Basque regional languages?
Geography QuestionAnswer
The Beatles were formed in this English city
What country was represented by the letters DDR?
Name two of the four European capitals that are on the Danube River
What country does Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj rule?
Name the small island country south of Sicily
During Spanish colonial times this country was known as 'Upper Peru'
In what city is the Sunshine 60 building?
Christopher Columbus gave this country a name meaning Little Venice
This is the country home estate of the British Monarchs
This building has been called 'the greatest compliment ever paid to a woman'

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