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If you are using a 'Head', 'Prince' or 'Donnay' you are playing ______
In bridge, how many points are scored for making a Grand Slam when vulnerable?
What form of entertainment is known as the 'idiot box'?
What are 'Acapulco gold' and 'Maui Wowee'?
Charles Darrow is said to have invented this board game in 1933
This variant of Parcheesi employs 'Slides' and uses cards instead of dice
What 'game' features bars, bells, and fruit?
What chocolate bar is named after a planet?
From what fruit is the liqueur Kirsch distilled?
From what country is Carta Blanca beer imported?
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These rings which claimed to indicate your emotional state were a fad in the '70s
What type of sewing requires a 'hoop'?
Quotation: 'Marry in haste, repent at ______'.
In what sport would you see players in the 'bullpen'?
This large sandwich was named after a comic-strip character
What company produces the Cabbage Patch Kids?
In Hide and Seek, what does the seeker announce after he counts?
In Britain there is a group of card games called 'Patience'. In America they call it _______
What does a white flag mean in auto racing?
What must a chess player say to touch a piece and not move it?

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