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Where did the sport of curling originate?
What year was the first Super Bowl played?
A shuttlecock is used in what sport?
Hitting .406 in 1941, who was Major League Baseball's last .400 hitter?
In hockey, how many players from each team are allowed to be on the ice at the same time?
What is the real name of the former wrestler turned actor who went by the ring name 'The Rock'?
Which country won the 2012 UEFA European Championship?
Who was the first person to achieve the 4 minute mile?
What NFL Quarterback has been in the most Super Bowls?
What is the name of Atlanta's major league baseball team?
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El Clásico is the name given to football (soccer) matches between which two teams?
Which five-times Grand Slam tennis champion tested postive for a banned substance at the 2016 Australian Open?
In sports, what does the acronym MVP stand for?
Which hockey player has won the most Stanley Cups with 11 wins?
What Football position shares its name with a way to score 2 points?
In what year was the 'Perfect 10' scoring system in gymnastics abandoned?
Finish this golf phrase: You drive for show, but putt for '_______'?
According to NBA rules how long does a player have after catching the ball to shoot a free throw?
The Stanley Cup is a championship trophy awarded annually to the playoff winner in what sport?
What NFL team's logo includes 3 different-colored 'diamonds' called hypocycloids?

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