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Can you name the main features of Finale along with other information pertaining to Finale??

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When you create a new Finale file, you will use the ___________.
When writing music for a Wind Ensemble, you can see a separate score for each instrument by using the ___________.
Thanks to the ___________, you can change the colors of the note-layers and the background of your document.
Thanks to the ___________, the windows and toolbars look the same each time you open Finale.
The 3 different View include: Scroll View, Page View, and ___________.
Insert notes and chords on your staff by using the ___________ Tool.
The ___________ Tool is the next level up from Simple Entry.
You can use the ___________ Tool to add a dynamic marking or tempo alteration.
You can use the ___________ Tool to add a staccato marking or fermatta.
You can use the ___________ Tool to add slurs and hairpin crescendos.
Move or change note heads by using the ___________.
In order to remove a whole bunch of empty staves in a piano concerto's cadenza, you can ___________ the Staff Systems.
The easiest way to enter lyrics into your song is by selecting: ___________.
You can also enter lyrics into your song by using ___________.
With the ___________, you can customize your ritardandos and crescendos by altering the key velocity/tempo.
With the ___________ Tool, you can lock a score to only 4 measures per system.
With the ___________ Tool, you can insert .gif images to make your score title look cool.
With the ___________ Tool, you can cross staffs when beaming notes.
The ___________ Tool uses a MIDI Device such as a controller or synthesizer to record real-time notation.
To notate music faster, you can change duration, add intervals, modify entry, and add sharps or flats by using your ___________.
To notate music even faster, you can change duration, add intervals, modify entry, and add sharps or flats along with a ___________.
There are a total of ___________ layers per staff.
___________ is a newer feature in Finale that lets you hear what it is like if a Baroque Composer were to perform the Maple-Leaf Rag.
In order to hear HP in action, you must choose between these 2 different modes.
The company that founded Finale is called ___________.
Finale has a little brother named ___________.
___________ is Finale's archenemy.
In order to print and save files, you must ___________ Finale.
The license of a single purchase of Finale is only allowed for ___________.
___________, ___________ and ___________ are the three other versions of Finale that are much cheaper with less features.

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