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Release DateFilm TitleDirector
1932Victor Halperin
1943Jacques Tourneur
1968George A. Romero
1978George A. Romero
1980Marino Girolami
1985George A. Romero
1985Dan O'Bannon
1986Fred Dekker
1988Brian Yuzna
1992Peter Jackson
1993Brian Yuzna
2002Paul W.S. Anderson
2004Edgar Wright
2004Alexander Witt
2004Zack Snyder
Release DateFilm TitleDirector
2005George A. Romero
2005Stephen Bradley
2006Andrew Currie
2006Michael Bartlett & Kevin Gates
2006Tobe Hooper
2006James Gunn
2007Robert Rodriguez
2007Russell Mulcahy
2007George A. Romero
2008Gregg Bishop
2008Jay Lee
2009 Tommy Wirkola
2009Kevin Hamedani
2009 Ruben Fleischer
2009George A. Romero

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