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Can you name the nominees for Best Cinematography from 1927 to 1962?

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1928 Best Cinematography
The Devil Dancer 
The Magic Flame 
Sadie Thompson 
*Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans* 
1929 Best Cinematography
4 Devils 
The Divine Lady 
In Old Arizona 
Our Dancing Daughters 
Street Angel 
*White Shadows in the South Seas* 
1930 Best Cinematography
All Quiet on the Western Front 
Anna Christie 
Hell's Angels 
The Love Parade 
*With Byrd at the South Pole* 
1931 Best Cinematography
The Right of Love 
*Tabu: A Story of the South Seas* 
1932 Best Cinematography
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
*Shanghai Express* 
1933 Best Cinematography
*A Farewell To Arms* 
Reunion in Vienna 
The Sign of the Cross 
1934 Best Cinematography
The Affairs of Cellini 
Operator 13 
1935 Best Cinematography
Barbary Coast 
The Crusades 
Les Misérables 
*A Midsummer Night's Dream* 
1936 Best Cinematography (B&W)
*Anthony Adverse* 
The General Died at Dawn 
The Gorgeous Hussy 
1937 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Dead End 
*The Good Earth* 
Wings over Honolulu 
1938 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Army Girl 
The Buccaneer 
*The Great Waltz* 
Mad About Music 
Merrily We Live 
Vivacious Lady 
You Can't Take It With You 
The Young in Heart 
1939 Best Cinematography (B&W)
*Wuthering Heights* 
1939 Best Cinematography (C)
*Gone With the Wind* 
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 
1940 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Abe Lincoln in Illinois 
All This, and Heaven Too 
Arise, My Love 
Boom Town 
Foreign Correspondent 
The Letter 
The Long Voyage Home 
Spring Parade 
Waterloo Bridge 
1940 Best Cinematography (C)
Bitter Sweet 
The Blue Bird 
Down Argentine Way 
North West Mounted Police 
Northwest Passage 
*The Thief of Bagdad* 
1941 Best Cinematography (B&W)
The Chocolate Soldier 
Citizen Kane 
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
Here Comes Mr. Jordan 
Hold Back the Dawn 
*How Green Was My Valley* 
Sergeant York 
Sun Valley Serenade 
That Hamilton Woman 
1941 Best Cinematography (C)
Aloma of the South Seas 
Billy the Kid 
*Blood and Sand* 
Blossoms in the Dust 
Dive Bomber 
Louisiana Purchase 
1942 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Kings Row 
The Magnificent Ambersons 
*Mrs. Miniver* 
The Pied Piper 
The Pride of the Yankees 
Take a Letter, Darling 
The Talk of the Town 
Ten Gentlemen from West Point 
This Above All 
1942 Best Cinematography (C)
Arabian Nights 
*The Black Swan* 
Captain of the Clouds 
Jungle Book 
Reap the Wild Wind 
To the Shores of Tripoli 
1943 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Air Force 
Corvette K-225 
Five Graves to Cairo 
The Human Comedy 
Madame Curie 
The North Star 
*The Song of Bernadette* 
So Proudly We Hail! 
1943 Best Cinematography (C)
For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Heaven Can Wait 
Hello, Frisco, Hello 
Lassie Come Home 
*Phantom of the Opera* 
Thousands Cheer 
1944 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Double Indemnity 
Dragon Seed 
Going My Way 
Since You Went Away 
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 
The Uninvited 
The White Cliffs of Dover 
1944 Best Cinematography (C)
Cover Girl 
Home in Indiana 
Lady in the Dark 
Meet Me In St. Louis 
1945 Best Cinematography (B&W)
The Keys of the Kingdom 
The Lost Weekend 
Mildred Pierce 
*The Picture of Dorian Grey* 
1945 Best Cinematography (C)
Anchors Aweigh 
*Leave Her To Heaven* 
National Velvet 
A Song to Remember 
The Spanish Main 
1946 Best Cinematography (B&W)
*Anna and the King of Siam* 
The Green Years 
1946 Best Cinematography (C)
The Jolson Story 
*The Yearling* 
1947 Best Cinematography (B&W)
*Great Expectations* 
Green Dolphin Street 
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 
1947 Best Cinematography (C)
*Black Narcissus* 
Life with Father 
Mother Wore Tights 
1948 Best Cinematography (B&W)
A Foreign Affair 
I Remember Mama 
Johnny Belinda 
*The Naked City* 
Portrait of Jennie 
1948 Best Cinematography (C)
Green Grass of Wyoming 
*Joan of Arc* 
The Loves of Carmen 
The Three Musketeers 
1949 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Come to the Stable 
The Heiress 
Prince of Foxes 
1949 Best Cinematography (C)
The Barkleys of Broadway 
Jolson Sings Again 
Little Women 
*She Wore a Yellow Ribbon* 
1950 Best Cinematography (B&W)
All About Eve 
The Asphalt Jungle 
The Furies 
Sunset Boulevard 
*The Third Man* 
1950 Best Cinematography (C)
Annie Get Your Gun 
Broken Arrow 
The Flame and the Arrow 
*King Solomon's Mines* 
Samson and Delilah 
1951 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Death of a Salesman 
The Frogmen 
*A Place in the Sun* 
Strangers on a Train 
A Streetcar Named Desire 
1951 Best Cinematography (C)
*An American in Paris* 
David and Bathsheba 
Quo Vadis 
Show Boat 
When World Collide 
1952 Best Cinematography (B&W)
*The Bad and the Beautiful* 
The Big Sky 
My Cousin Rachel 
Sudden Fear 
1952 Best Cinematography (C)
Hans Christian Andersen 
Million Dollar Mermaid 
*The Quiet Man* 
The Snows of Kilimanjaro 
1953 Best Cinematography (B&W)
The Four Poster 
*From Here to Eternity* 
Julius Caesar 
Martin Luther 
Roman Holiday 
1953 Best Cinematography (C)
All the Brothers Were Valiant 
Beneath the 12-Mile Reed 
The Robe 
1954 Best Cinematography (B&W)
The Country Girl 
Executive Suite 
*On the Waterfront* 
Rogue Cop 
1954 Best Cinematography (C)
The Egyptian 
Rear Window 
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 
The Silver Chalice 
*Three Coins in the Fountain* 
1955 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Blackboard Jungle 
I'll Cry Tomorrow 
Queen Bee 
*The Rose Tattoo* 
1955 Best Cinematography (C)
*To Catch a Thief* 
Guys and Dolls 
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing 
A Man Called Peter 
1956 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Baby Doll 
The Bad Seed 
The Harder They Fall 
Stagecoach to Fury 
*Somebody Up There Likes Me* 
1956 Best Cinematography (C)
*Around the World in 80 Days* 
The Eddy Duchin Story 
The King and I 
The Ten Commandments 
War and Peace 
1957 Best Cinematography
An Affair to Remember 
*The Bridge on the River Kwai* 
Funny Face 
Peyton Place 
1958 Best Cinematography (B&W)
*The Defiant Ones* 
Desire Under the Elms 
I Want To Live! 
Separate Tables 
The Young Lions 
1958 Best Cinematography (C)
Auntie Mame 
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 
The Old Man and the Sea 
South Pacific 
1959 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Anatomy of a Murder 
*The Diary of Anne Frank* 
Some Like It Hot 
The Young Philadelphians 
1959 Best Cinematography (C)
The Big Fisherman 
The Five Pennies 
The Nun's Story 
Porgy and Bess 
1960 Best Cinematography (B&W)
The Apartment 
The Facts of Life 
Inherit the Wind 
*Sons and Lovers* 
1960 Best Cinematography (C)
The Alamo 
BUtterfield 8 
1961 Best Cinematography (B&W)
The Absent-Minded Professor 
The Children's Hour 
*The Hustler* 
Judgment at Nuremberg 
One, Two, Three 
1961 Best Cinematography (C)
Flower Drum Song 
A Majority of One 
One-Eyed Jacks 
*West Side Story* 
1962 Best Cinematography (B&W)
Birdman of Alcatraz 
To Kill a Mockingbird 
*The Longest Day* 
Two for the Seesaw 
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 
1962 Best Cinematography (C)
*Lawrence of Arabia* 
Mutiny on the Bounty 
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm 

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