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To wear hair up with rubber band
To wear hair up with rubber band but not pull through completly
Long strands of hair twisted closely, made popular by the Rastafarians
To wear hair up directly on top of head causing hair to dangle on face
Very short, razor-cut
Thick, tight curls, looking puffy
Tall hairstyle for women, popular in the 1960's
To wear hair up, but two seperate sections tied with rubber band
Chin-length hair for women, mostly popular in 1980's
Having hair stick up in middle of head and run down entire head
Buisness in the front, party in the back
Seperated in to three sections, and weave in between
A boy's style that is the same length on all sides just above eyebrows
Popular 1950's men style and it is short on sides, stands up on top
No Hair
Sides swooped, layered from the 1970's
Hair in middle of forehead

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