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Pilot of flight 815
Flight Attendant of flight 815
Crazy French Woman
Walt's dog
Dentist (passanger of flight 815)
Science Teacher (on flight 815)
Religious woman (on flight 815)
Other (kidnapped Claire and Charlie)
Son of Claire
Ben's father
Built the cabin
Desmond's girlfriend
Desmond's son
Sun's daughter
Sayid's girlfriend
Desmond's father-in-law
Locke's father
Captain of the Kahana
Gets people to where they need to be
Giant cloud of smoke
Wears an eye patch
Leader of the others
Ben's daughter
Starring in 'Orientation'
Claire's mother
Hurley's mother
Daniel's mother
Leader of the mercenary team
Has a fake beard
Father of two Losties
Ex-wife of a lostie
Boss of both Hurley and Locke
Both Juliet and Harper liked this man
Mysterious friend of Ilana
This Other really hates Sawyer
A stain inside the hatch
Kid who is being brainwashed
Both Kate and Sawyer like her
Sun's daddy
Mr. Eko's mysterious brother
Hurley's father

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