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The living and nonliving things that surrounds us
The study of how humans interact with their environment
The study of how organisms interact with eachother and the environment
A single living thing
A group of organisms with a unique set of characteristics
A set of organisms within a defined area that interact with each other and the environment
Energy from the sun
The variety of organisms
The cycle of chemicals between organisms and the environment
The natural resources and services keep life alive and support the economy
Materials in nature that are essential or useful to humans
Processes in nature that support humans
The upper layer of soil
Land cleared and systematically planted with trees
Anything obtainable in the environment that can be used to fulfill needs or desires
A resource with a continuous supply
A resource that can be replenished through natural resources
The highest rate at which we can use a renewable resource indefinitely without depletion
Resources that exist in fixed quantities
Using something again in the same form
Processing old materials to create new materials
An increase in a nation's production of goods and services
The total value of the goods and services produced in a country
The GDP divided by the total population
Using economic growth to increase living standards
Countries with a high average income
Countries with a low to middle average income
A chemical, noise, heat, or other agent that is harmful to the health or survival of humans or other organisms
Single, identifiable sources of pollution

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