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Father of the Belchers/restaurant owner
Mother of the Belchers
Oldest Belcher daughter
Youngest Belcher daughter
Bob and Linda's only son
Regular customer/crematorium owner
Regular customer
Owner of rival restaurant
Rival restaurant owner's oldest son
Twin sons of rival restaurant owner
Linda's hairdresser
Health inspector
Health inspector's assistant
Bob's landlord
Annoying ex-girlfriend of Gene
Wagstaff psychiatrist
Asthmatic regular sized Wagstaff student
Linda's mother
Linda's father
Police officers
Linda's sister
Family dentist
Nerdy friend of the Belcher kids/ arcade expert
Tina's dairy fridge lover
Tina's bad influence of a friend
Friend of Tina's first crush
School librarian/cheerleading coach
Bob's landlord's brother
Bank robber
Police sergeant
Rival restaurant bartender
Male TV host
Female TV host
Art store owner
Art store owner's husband
News correspondent
Louise's teenage bunny ear thief
Local transvestite
Unnamed rollerskates character

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