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A thick and gooey liquid consisting of hundreds of hydrocarbons along with small amounts of sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen impurities. One word
Another name for petroleum.One word
Products of oil distillation which are used as raw materials in manufacturing pesticides, plastics, sythetic fibers, paints, medicines, and many other products. One word
_________ oil is versatile fuel and reserves can last for at least 50 years, but burning it produces air pollution and releases the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.One word
_________ oils from oil sand and the oil shale could supplement conventional oil, but there are environmental problems. One word
A mixture of clay, sand, water, and bitumen.Two words
A thick and sticky heavy oil with a high sulfur content and that smells like asphalt.One word
Fine-grained sedimentary rocks containing kerogen.Two words
A solid combustible mixture of hydrocarbons.One word
________ gas is oftern found above reservoirs of crude oil.One word
A solid fossil fuel formed in several stages as buried remains of land plants thta lived 300-400 million years ao were subjected to intense heat and pressure over many millions of One word
Solid coal can be converted into synthetic natural gas through what?Two words
Solid coal can be converted into a liquid fuel such as methane or synthetic gasoline through what?Two words
Used to extract coal found close to the earth's surface on flat terrain.Three words
Type of mining used on hilly or mountainous terrain.Three words

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