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Fish and other aquatic species that are thrown back into the ocean dead or dying
Involves catching surface-dwelling species such as tuna, mackeral, anchovies, and herring, which tend to feed in schools near the surface or in shallow areas
Involves putting out lines up to 130 kilometers (80 miles) long, hung with thousands of baited hooks
A method of fish harvesting where fish are caught by huge drifting nets that can hang as much as 15 meters (50 feet) below the surface and be up to 64 kilometers (40 miles) long
Fish are ________ resources as long as the annual harvest leaves enough breeding stock to renew the species for the next year
The taking of so many fish that too little breeding stock is left to maintain numbers
When the population of a species declines to the point at which it is no longer profitable to hunt for them
Involves raising fish and shellfish for food like crops instead of going out and hunting and gathering them
Involves holding anadromous species such as salmon that live part of their lives in fresh water and part in salt water in captivity for the first few years of their lives
Another name for agroecology
The world's fastest-growing type of food production
Involves cultivating fish in a controlled environment and harvesting them when they reach the desired size
Method of food production that uses technologies based on ecological knowledge to increase yields, control pests, and build soil fertility
A method of fish harvesting that is used to catch fish and shellfish that live on or near the ocean floor
The world's third major food-producing system

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