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Everybody just have a good time
And it goes like this
Take advantage of tonight
Finally I can see you crystal clear
So we hit the boulevards
And I bang in the east and I bang in the west
I know you want me
And I don't even know what
La la la, whatever
I don't wanna take no pictures
We don't need a key
So many girls in here
La la la la la la la la la la la
Just stop for a minute and smile
Oh there ain't no other way
Turn away 'cause I need you more
I pimp to the beat
But you never give
I didn't give to you
A hundred miles feelin' from the picture smile
And it feels like I've been rescued
Like a jersey jersey shuttin' down the game
No matter what I say
I got some pictures on my phone
I might let you try to convince me to
I like it-like it
Freak me baby, yes, yes
Vallet got my car out front
Sparkin' up a rhythm
No last call, to the bar tender
Getting mine, baby
Turn the t.v. on
My engine roarin'
It's about damn time to live it up
She's a five when she drinks
And I think I like him better with the fitted cap on
So I surrender
You're on your knees
So I'll take blame
I notice that you got it
Girl don't feel outta place
So I stumble there
Music is all I need
You open my eyes
Bring me up, bring me down
I know you need me
To need release
Lot of cars
Ooh you got it
Just own the night

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