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QUIZ: Can you name the words containing five consecutive consonants?

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Sapphire, ruby, or maybe a garnet
Where a popular boy band from the 90's claimed to come from
A popular upscale department store in the United States
Children or descendants
Something you might add to the end of a letter
Speechless, usually due to astonishment
A style of swimming
The first person to walk on the moon
It might be easier for salmon to swim this way
A place where one might dance until dawn
An athletic supporter for men
A folding knife; one made a cameo appearance in 'West Side Story'
What many people in Salem were (falsely) accused of
Part of something one might use to light a flame
Former; in the past
What you might use to open a wine bottle
An attractive celebrity
A soup that most commonly uses beetroot as its main ingredient

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