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Whom does Lisa talk to in the subway?The City Of New York Vs. Homer Simpson
What does Ralph want to be when he grows up, apart from a principal?The Principal And The Pauper
Who was in Homer's eight-track? (There are two possible answers)Lisa's Sax
According to Comic Book Guy, who shouldn't marry?The HΩmega Man (Treehouse Of Horror VIII)
What does Homer try to hit Bart with for messing with his machine?Fly Vs. Fly (Treehouse Of Horror VIII)
What would have Selma cooked if she knew Marge was coming?Easy-Bake Coven (Treehouse Of Horror VIII)
What does Homer get down from the roof for Lisa with his gun?The Cartridge Family
Homer may have a lethal level of cholesterol, but what level is Dr. Hibbert more worried about?Bart Star
What is the Charity Bachelor Auction raising money for?The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons
What does Homer think he's won at the police station?Lisa The Skeptic
When Bart and Lisa are roleplaying a couple trying to buy a house to help Marge, what does Bart say their surname is?Realty Bites
What does Bart correctly deduce Lisa has got for Christmas?Miracle On Evergreen Terrace
What wood requires oil-based paint?All Singing, All Dancing
What booth do Cooder and Spud (and Homer and Bart) run?Bart Carny
What planet do the Movementarians believe they will be taken to?The Joy Of Sect
What do the berries taste like?Das Bus
What does Homer want Krusty to tell him to burn?The Last Temptation Of Krust
What is the second finest food that the lobster is stuffed with?Dumbbell Indemnity
When calling the relatives, Homer needs the address book, four beers and what?Lisa The Simpson
What does Ralph play by spinning in a circle and barking?This Little Wiggy
Homer may be a liar, a pig, an idiot and a communist, but what isn't he?Simpson Tide
What does Lisa want to buy with the trillion dollars?The Trouble With Trillions
What does Lindsey Naegle think she didn't say?Girly Edition
Who is 'the bear who loves to love'?Trash Of The Titans
What is mixed with apple core to make Powersauce bars?King Of The Hill
What is the best thing to dissolve glue?Lost Our Lisa
What has been in the freezer for 11 years?Natural Born Kissers

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