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What is Bart asked to tape by Homer?The Thing And I (Treehouse Of Horror VII)
What would be required to unshrink Lisa?The Genesis Tub (Treehouse Of Horror VII)
What did 'Clinton' dream of being as a young boy?Citizen Kang (Treehouse Of Horror VII)
When asked by Scorpio, what does Homer say is his least favorite country?You Only Move Twice
Because of his 'Homer Simpson's Syndrome', what could Dr. Hibbert hit Homer with all day without knocking him down?The Homer They Fall
What does Grampa hope he's sitting on?Burns, Baby Burns
What does Bart have to rinse his mouth out with?Bart After Dark
What job does Luann's new boyfriend have?A Milhouse Divided
What word does Mr. Largo think Lisa is laughing at?Lisa's Date With Density
What does Ned Flanders consider a form of gambling?Hurricane Neddy
What spice does Marge not recognise?El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage Of Our Homer)
Whom does Barney think the alien is?The Springfield Files
What food is know as 'crunch patties'?The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson
What would be in the cabin, which makes Lenny realise there is a real cabin?Mountain Of Madness
Whom does Homer think Shary Bobbins last worked for?Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious
In a Q and A, Database wants to know how to get of the dungeon of the 'Itchy & Scratchy' CD-ROM without using what?The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
Where does Homer take Bart, which turns out to full of gay men?Homer's Phobia
Where has Cecil apparently been for a decade in a cave, with his eyes shut, and his fingers in his ears?Brother From Another Series
What is a moth no more harmful than?My Sister, My Sitter
Who is only the Beer Baron by night?Homer Vs. The Eighteenth Amendment
What did Ralph apparently see in the closet with Skinner and Krabappel?Grade School Confidential
What pet of Milhouse did Santa's Little Helper eat?The Canine Mutiny
What is the 'Burn Omni-net' made from?The Old Man And The Lisa
What is Ned attacked by at the zoo?In Marge We Trust
Whose 'Enemies List' does Moe add Barney onto?Homer's Enemy
Homer sold his father's suit to buy what?The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase
According to the commandant, who 'will do most of the actual fighting' in 'the wars of the future'?The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson

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