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What does Nelson say Bart is showing before his big jump?Bart Of Darkness
What book does Lisa make a diorama of, which gets blown away?Lisa's Rival
According to Lisa, what show '[pieces new episodes] together from old shows' all the time?Another Simpsons Clip Show
In the 'Tavern on the Scream' diner, what is know as 'baby guts'?Itchy & Scratchy Land
When Birch Barlow starts a question with a hypothetical situation where Mayor Quimby's house is ransaked, what is his question about?Sideshow Bob Roberts
What does Homer call a teacher, a mother and a secret lover?The Shinning (Treehouse Of Horror V)
Homer is the second person to travel backwards in time who isn't what?Time And Punishment (Treehouse Of Horror V)
Who is the first student to be eaten?Nightmare Cafeteria (Treehouse Of Horror V)
What does Bart compare Jessica to which is 'sweet on the outside, poison on the inside'Bart's Girlfriend
What does Moe say people want to take from him because he is 'sixty-four grand in the hole'?Lisa On Ice
What word means 'large or immense' and is used 'in the pejorative sense'?Homer Badman
What is Lisa's (sarcastic) explanation of what the parents of the town have become?Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy
Which country does Marge say one couldn't fit in Dr. Zweig's room?Fear of Flying
What does Homer want to reenact the Civil War with?Homer The Great
If horse racing is the sport of kings, what is bowling?And Maggie Make Three
What does the rocket meant to hit the comet actually hit?Bart's Comet
The funny place names Krusty teaches are Walla Walla, Keokuk, Cucamonga and what?Homie The Clown
What game has Bart played before, according to an Australian?Bart Vs. Australia
What movie (and to a lesser extent, TV series of the same name) does Bart's ballet remind Nelson of?Homer Vs. Patty And Selma
Who was saying 'Boo-urns'?A Star Is Burns
What two animals does the esquilax have for its head and its body?Lisa's Wedding
What is the puppies' mother called?Two Dozen And One Greyhounds
What do the students spend forty minutes trying to find on a map?The PTA Disbands
What instrument does Ralph 'play' in the very reduced school orchestra?'Round Springfield
What does Moe call a garage?The Springfield Connection
Shelbyville sets up his own town so that people can marry whom?Lemon Of Troy
When Superintendent Chalmers hears the words 'school' and 'exploded', what word did he think?Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

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