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Who was in the quartet before being replaced by Barney?Homer's Barbershop Quartet
Which opera does Bart make Sideshow Bob sing the score of, in order to buy some time?Cape Feare
What does Mr. Burns originally tell the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that his plant makes?Homer Goes To College
Which band does Mr. Burns think the Ramones are?Rosebud
According to the Devil Flanders, where is it easier than America to claim a soul?The Devil And Homer Simpson (Treehouse Of Horror IV)
Who finds the gremlin after Bart gets it off the bus?Terror At 5½ Feet (Treehouse Of Horror IV)
Who is the head vampire?Bart Simpson's Dracula (Treehouse Of Horror IV)
When giving his location, Chief Wiggum says he is directly under what?Marge On The Lam
What does Krusty give away to Homer?Bart's Inner Child
Where does the sailor in Bart and Milhouse's song think he is?Boy-Scoutz 'N The Hood
What name does Homer make up, which turns out to be the name of someone at the bar?The Last Temptation Of Homer
What feature is Gamblor, the gambling monster, said to have?$pringfield (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Legalized Gambling)
What does Jimbo have to able to swing a sack of (not provided) in order to join Homer's posse?Homer The Vigilante
What get shipped in the boxes made by the box factory?Bart Gets Famous
The four structures Apu mentions in his song are igloo, hut, lean-to and what?Homer And Apu
Both Marge and Malibu Stacy suggest forgetting one's troubles with a big bowl of what?Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy
What animal 'takes over' the spaceship?Deep Space Homer
What type of hat does Flanders get Homer at the football match?Homer Loves Flanders
When sinking into the tar pits, what does Homer try to use to pull his arms out?Bart Gets An Elephant
What does the actor playing Homer say which makes Bart think something's not right?Burns' Heir
Which cartoon character did Ralph once claim to see outside?Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song
Which word does Freddy Quimby make fun of the way the French waiter pronounces it?The Boy Who Knew Too Much
What 'Itchy & Scratchy' merchandise does Bart buy for $350?Lady Bouvier's Lover
What does Moe teach at the Adult Education Annex to be used as self defense?Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

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