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What do the kids roast on a campfire, instead of marshmallows?Kamp Krusty
After telling off Bart for asking if 'Oh! Streetcar!' has 'jive-taking robots' in it, what does Homer ask is in the musical?A Streetcar Named Marge
What religion does Reverend Lovejoy classify as 'miscellaneous'?Homer The Heretic
What does Homer win a ride in at a carnival, which he then sells to pay for Lisa's entry in a beauty contest?Lisa The Beauty Queen
The toppings to what contain potassium benzoate?Clown Without Pity (Treehouse Of Horror III)
According to Smithers, who don't mix with seamen?King Homer (Treehouse Of Horror III)
Whom does Homer kill without knowing that they were a zombie?Dial 'Z' For Zombie (Treehouse Of Horror III)
What food does Bart suggest Lisa and he should get if one of them has a good report, and one of them has a bad report?Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie
What language can Marge speak, according to her resume?Marge Gets A Job
Before making a better anology with beer, what does Homer compare a woman to?New Kind On The Block
What did Homer think was inside the key to the city?Mr. Plow
What did Grampa win on 'a crooked '50s game show'?Lisa's First Word
What adjective is used by Chief Wiggum to describe Snake on the show 'Cops: In Springfield'?Homer's Triple Bypass
What does Homer call the big possum in the monorail?Marge Vs. The Monorail
What type of animal does Marge's mother (and later Selma) get from great-aunt Gladys?Selma's Choice
Which hotline is Lisa addicted to?Brother From The Same Planet
What song do KBBL accidentally play twice?I Love Lisa
What large thing does Lisa grow for her original science fair project?Duffless
According to Grampa, nickels used to have pictures of what on them?Last Exit To Springfield
What food do the police need to investigate the Simpsons' beer-exploded house?So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show
What does Homer get stuck on his head twice?The Front
Which singer manages to protect the snakes?Whacking Day
What brand of 'chewable morphine' does Bart ask for?Marge In Chains
What is 'Eastern Europe's favorite cat-and-mouse team' that replaces Itchy and Scratchy on Krusty's show?Krusty Gets Kancelled

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