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What does mental patient Leon Komposky call himself?Stark Raving Dad
After finding the Lincoln Memorial too busy, whose memorial does Lisa visit to tell her problem to?Mr. Lisa Goes To Wasington
What is Flanders' left-handed shop called?When Flanders Failed
Who does Fat Tony think is a 'chinese guy with a mustache'?Bart The Murderer
What phrase means 'To succeed despite idiocy'?Homer Defined
A quote from whom manages to change Rabbi Krustofski's view on Krusty?Like Father, Like Clown
What kind of sandwich does Homer use his monkey paw wish to get?Lisa's Nightmare (Treehouse Of Horror II)
What is 'Bonerland' better known as?Bart's Nightmare (Treehouse Of Horror II)
What does Mr. Burns want Homer's brain for?Homer's Nightmare (Treehouse Of Horror II)
What does Lisa ask Homer to pick up for her recital (which he gets too late)?Lisa's Pony
Who designed the soapbox derby racer that Bart wins the race in?Saturday's Of Thunder
What is the name used by Bart as a prank call, who turns out to be a real person?Flaming Moe's
In 'The Land Of Chocolate', what price is the chocolate in the shop?Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
According to Homer, God isn't always happy, he's always what?I Married Marge
What song replaced 'We're Sending Our Love Down The Well' at number one?Radio Bart
To whom is Homer talking when he says, 'I used to hate the smell of your sweaty feet. Now it's the smell of victory.'?Lisa The Greek
What is Springfield's only two-star health spa?Homer Alone
What fad gets Bart a month of detention?Bart The Lover
What animal does Roger Clemens think he is due to hypnotism?Homer At The Bat
What is the name of the computer that evaluates CANT?Separate Vocations
If the school won the lottery, what would keep the kids in the detention hall?Dog Of Death
What is the name of the singer Homer become manager of?Colonel Homer
Who causes the hotel room to explode?Black Widower
Which band does Bart, Homer and Milhouse see, inspiring Bart to become a musician?The Otto Show
According to Homer after he stops listening to his vocabulary tapes, what is a spoon used for?Bart's Friend Falls In Love
Homer gets $2,000 in the 'First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of' what?Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

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