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What physical feature do the clones not have?Send In The Clones (Treehouse Of Horror XIII)
Who is the most evil German of all time?The Fright To Creep And Scare Harms (Treehouse Of Horror XIII)
What animal does Homer become?The Island Of Dr. Hibbert (Treehouse Of Horror)
What's the second rule of Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp?How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
What actually mangled Lisa bike, instead of gypsies?Bart Vs. Lisa Vs. The Third Grade
What ate Homer's ring?Large Marge
What is the one piece of twentieth-century technology Marge wanted?Helter Shelter
A tranquilizer dart meant for what animal is used to knock out Sideshow Bob?The Great Louse Detective
Whom did Little Richard teach to go 'Whooooooo!'?Special Edna
What is Rock Strongo's 'real' name?The Dad Who Knew Too Little
Whom did Marge park on?The Strong Arms Of The Ma
What is the steering wheel of the Wienermobile?Pray Anything
What does Bart assume a loft has in it?Barting Over
What does Lisa win a model of as her prize from the spelling bee?I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can
Besides jellyfish venom, what else makes things 'a whole lot worse'?A Star Is Born Again
The government make laws, print money and breed what?Mr. Spritz Goes To Washington
Who was the only other person to get a Bentley Mark 12, besides Stark Richdale?C.E. D'oh
Whom was the last meteor shower blamed on?'Scuse Me While I Miss The Sky
What was the only worthwhile thing Homer made that wasn't the jigsaw?Three Gays Of The Condo
What name did David Byrne wrestle under?Dude, Where's My Ranch
What musical does Homer think sucks?Old Yeller Belly
After Carl suggests whipping up his famous poulet au vin avec champignons à la Carl, what does Homer say he should bring?Brake My Wife, Please
What does Bart try to make in the Flanders' house?The Bart Of War
What does Homer get, so that they can go to Little Italy?Moe Baby Blues

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