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What does Bart's tattoo say?Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire
Who invented the lightbulb, according to Homer?Bart the Genius
What do Sherri and Terri call Homer, which they define as 'he spends more time yakking and scarfing down donuts than doing his job'?Homer's Odyssey
What does Homer pawn in order to pay for family therapy?There's No Disgrace Like Home
The three words Grampa never wants to hear on TV are 'raw', 'horny' and what?Bart The General
What sport is in the video game Bart and Homer play?Moaning Lisa
What food is in the 'Bigfoot Diet'?The Call Of The Simpsons
Whose head is 'The Telltale Head'?The Telltale Head
What does Bart get a huge jug of for Marge's birthday?Life On The Fast Lane
What dead animal does Bart take a 'spy' picture of?Homer's Night Out
Who (or what) got Bart's red hat in France?The Crepes Of Wrath
What would the audience do if Krusty's show went off the air?Krusty Gets Busted
What does the 'Babysitter Bandit' call herself?Some Enchanted Evening

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