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A large glandular organ of the digestive systemA piece cut or split off
A large body of water entirely surrounded by landTo cool or refresh by means of water or other fluid
A colour, hue, usually slight or delicateAn allotted portion of work
(Irish) A lake or arm of the seaA piece of soft, miry, or muddy ground
To cut with heavy blows in an irregular or random fashionA roughly built cabin or shanty of logs, mud, etc.
Sanctified, blessed, consecrated, dedicatedLessened in depth
Useful, helpful, convenientA mixture of beer and fizzy lemonade
Remaining undecided; continuing; awaiting decision or settlementThe disbursing, expending, paying out or away of money, etc.
Ostentatious, exaggerated, affected, theatricalA good-for-nothing, worthless person, a ne'er-do-well, ‘waster’
To walk with short steps, swaying alternately from one leg to the otherTo wrap round with bandages
An opening in the skin or body surface of an animalOne of the minute reproductive bodies characteristic of flowerless plants
To thrust out or protrude the lipsTo discharge a liquid or other substance in a copious jet or stream
Drink, liquor for drinkingTo paint, engrave, or otherwise design in dots
Timber sawn into rough planks or otherwise roughly prepared for the marketTo sleep, esp. to sleep lightly

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