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What is the main racing series made by Nintendo? 
What is the Famicom better known as? 
What colour were the USA SNES's buttons? 
What does SNES stand for? 
What was the first product Nintendo sold in 1889? 
What was the first game to star Yoshi? 
What was the first game with Bowser Jr.? 
What was Wario's first game? 
What is the underwater version of Bullet Bill? 
What was Mario's orginal job? 
Who is the main character of the Zelda games? 
What is the name of the magical triangles of the Zelda series? 
What is the horse called? 
How many sages are there? 
What is Ganondorf's surname? 
Who is the antagonist? 
What do you collect ten of in each world? 
Who is the shaman? 
How many Jinjos are there per level? 
What is the final boss in Banjo-Tooie? 
What is the boss of the Subspace Emissary? 
Which company developed the series? 
How many characters were in SSB? 
Who is the only character that Kirby can learn two moves (combined into one) from by inhaling them? 
What item causes flowers to grow on people's head? 

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