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Can you name the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic hard Season 1 trivia?

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What 'patented' procedure does Rainbow Dash use after knocking Twilight into a puddle?Friendship is Magic: Part 1 (Mare in the Moon)
According to Pinkie's song, what should one do to 'the spooky'?Friendship is Magic: Part 2 (Elements of Harmony)
What sandwich does Twilight order?The Ticket Master
Which cow causes the stampede?Applebuck Season
What candy does Gilda eat, which turns out to be very spicy?Griffon the Brushoff
Where did Trixie apparently vanquish an Ursa Major?Boast Busters
How many games in a row of tic-tac-toe has Pinkie won?Dragonshy
What does the six-legged pony with a purple polka-dotted mane and shooting stars coming out of his eyes who flies through the air all over the world hide?Look Before You Sleep
Which of Zecora's things does Rarity describe as 'garish'?Bridle Gossip
What colour was the first parasprite?Swarm of the Century
What colour are the animal team's vests?Winter Wrap Up
Name either of the other thought up names for the Cutie Mark Crusaders.Call of the Cutie
What is the name of the woods the race goes through?Fall Weather Friends
What, according to Fluttershy, doesn't the middy collar go with on her dress?Suited for Success
When Pinkie's back is itchy, what does it mean?Feeling Pinkie Keen
What is the prize for winning the Young Flyer Competition?Sonic Rainboom
What was Twilight getting from the Everfree Forest?Stare Master
Name either of the fillies who win the Best Dramatic Performance prize.The Show Stoppers
What is the name of Sapphire Shores' upcoming concert?A Dog and Pony Show
What flavour juice does Fluttershy become spokespony for?Green Isn't Your Color
What is the name of the chief?Over a Barrel
What does Twilight worry won't be in the place she gets banished to?A Bird in the Hoof
Where at the rock farm did Pinkie Pie say she was when she saw the sonic rainboom?Cutie Mark Chronicles
Where were Rarity and Opal going when Spike stole Opal's mouse?Owl's Well That Ends Well
Whom are Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash house-sitting for, apparently?Party of One
What animal does Fluttershy think she hears, which turns out to be the gardener?The Best Night Ever

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