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First Tablet Glidant
First Suppository Base
Said that there were to be no more false claims about a drugs therapeutic effects and declared the product misbranded if there was misinformation on the label
What does the first number sequence in the NDC code represent?
First Plasticizer
First Levigating Agent
First Flavored(Sweetened) Vehicle
First Tablet Antiadherent
First Antifungal Presevative
First Buffering Agent
Said no refills (dispensing of drugs) without a valid prescription. Determined which drugs were considered OTC.
First Aerosol Propellant
First Colorant
First Sugar Coating
First Oleaginus Vehicle
First Tablet Binders
Required manufacturers to prove a drug to be both safe as well as efficacious before granting FDA approval for marketing.
First Alkalinizing Agent
Required that all drug manufacturers register with the FDA and submit appropriate information for listing drugs. Institued the National Drug Code as a permanent registration code.
What demanded to change the spreed for approving generic compounds? Also said generic drugs must be bioequivalent to brand name drugs.
First Tonicity Agent
Required manufacturer's to state, 'This product is not intended to daignose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease' on packaging.
First Antioxidant
Required all new drugs to be tested by their manufacturers for safety. It also required that the tests be submitted to the government for marketing approval via the new drug app.
First Adsorbent
First Encapsulating Agent
First Clarifying Agent
First Tablet Disintegrant
First Film Coating
First (Agent for) Air Displacement
First Ointment Base
First Sterile Vehicle
Required each state to develop and mandate drug use review(DUR) programs in order to improve quality of pharmaceutical care. (Counseling records and patient medication profiles)
First Sweetening Agent
First Enteric Coating
First Antimicrobial Preservative
Established 5 schedules for classification and control of drug substances particularly those more likely to be abused.
Prohibits reimportation of drugs. Also prohibits saled, trading, and purchasing of drugs.
First Viscosity Increasing Agent
First Tablet and Capsule Diluent
First Acidifying Agent
Expanded patients' access to investigational treatment for serious life-threatening diseases, accelerated approval of new drugs, and streamlined FDA policies.
First Tablet Lubricant
What was the very first Federal Law in the U.S that required that drugs marketed interstate comply with claimed standards for strength, purity and quality
First Surfactant (Surface Active Agent)
First Stiffening Agent
First Chelating Agent
First Solvent
What does the third number sequence in the NDC code represent?
First Suspending Agent
First Emulsifying Agent
First Humectant
First Tablet Direct Compression Excipient
First Flavorant
What does the second number sequence in the NDC code represent?
First Tablet or Capsule Opaquant

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