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Can you name the Kings of Leon songs by the opening lyrics?

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'Get back on track, pick me up some bottles of booze'Only by the Night
'Weeds grow tall, on the broken train tracks'Youth & Young Manhood
'Homegrown, rock to the rhythm and bop to the beat of the radio'Because of the times
'She said call me now, baby..'Because of the Times
'Won't you give me something i need...'Come Around Sundown
'Toss me a breath when you hold me down...'Aha Shake Heartbreak
'Little Mona Lisa laying by my side...'Youth & Young Manhood
'Stranded in this spooky town..'Only by the Night
'Single book of matches gonna burn what's standing in the way'Come Around Sundown
'Free that's all that she can be ...'Youth & Young Manhood
'Now taste...'Because of the Times
'The open road...'Come Around Sundown
'I'll be the one to show you the way...'Aha Shake Heartbreak
'On a plane, on a plane, off to see the city girls again'Aha Shake Heartbreak
'WOW! She's such a ...'Because of the Times
'Taken to the floor with a reach to the sky...'Only by the Night
'I wanna say here's to me gonna change the world'Because of the Times
'I used to see you every day'Aha Shake Heartbreak
'What a night for a dance and you know i'm a dancing machine'Only by the Night
'It's in the way she often calls me out'Come Around Sundown
'Salty leave, Salty leave'Aha Shake Heartbreak

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