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Can you name the Presidents of the United States from insignificant facts?

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His first wife and his mother died on the same day in the same houseHe was featured in the 1994 computer game, The Amazon Trail
He is the only president to have predeceased both his mother and fatherHe is the first president born in the 20th century to hold office
He probably never chopped down a cherry treeHe is the only President to receive 100% of the electoral votes
He is the only President to appear on The Daily Show while in officeHe speaks Indonesian at a conversational level
He helped invent a rotating bookstand in the early 19th centuryHe wrote his own version of the Bible eliminating the miracles
He was the only President to ever obtain a patentHis Memorial was designed by Henry Bacon
He is the only President to contract and receive treatment for Lyme diseaseHe is the only President to have earned an MBA
He was Time magazine's ''Man of the Year'' in 1992 and 1998He played rugby at Oxford University
His first job was as a lifeguard where he saved over 75 livesHe attended Eureka College in Illinois
At 5 ft 4 in, he was the shortest President of the United StatesHe went by the nickname 'Jemmy' until age 16
He smoked a pipe, cigars, cigarettes and chewed tobacco in officeHe became the first President to visit Alaska in 1923
His ''S'' middle initial does not actually stand for SimpsonHe has been portrayed in film by Rip Torn and Kevin Kline
His ''S'' middle initial does not actually stand for anythingThe Israeli village of Beit Harel was renamed after him
He died just three months after leaving office in 1849They Might Be Giants wrote a song about his achievements
He was the first President sworn into office by a womanHe was born in Johnson City, Texas

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