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Can you name the Star Fox 64 characters by some of their most memorable lines?

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Never give up. Trust your instincts.
Hey, Einstein! I'm on your side!
Now you will feel TRUE PAIN!
We're Star Fox!
Enemy shield analyzed
You worry about your own hide.
You know that I control the galaxy.
Andross' enemy is my enemy!
We're heading out. All aircraft report.
You’re becoming more like your Father!
Something’s wrong with the G-diffuser!
So you’re going to attack the enemy base? Great idea Starfox!
Location confirmed. Sending supplies.
Can't let you do that, Star Fox!
I’m monkey food if I don’t leave!
I ain’t your buddy, go away!
Bulldog unit, don’t let anything through!
Knock it off, Fox!
Bow before the great Andross!
You’re pretty good, Tiger. See you again!
Venom, here we come!
Hey! What’s the big idea?
This way, Fox
You're good, but I'm better!
I’ll take this one. Get the one behind me!
I guess I should be thankful.
I'll do you fast, Peppy ol' pal!
Recover our base from the enemy army!
Yippee!! You did it!
The hatches are open!
Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry!
You did it! I was worried for a moment.
We’re always saving your hide, Slip.
Stick to the pond, Froggie!
Fox, get this guy off me!
Andross has ordered us to take you down.
All-Range Mode.
Only I have the brains to rule Lylat.
What the Heck?
Try a somersault!
Try hovering!
Time for a little payback!
Beautiful! I could kiss you for that!
Take care of the guy behind me, Fox!
Slippy's ship is in the docking bay.
Daddy screamed REAL good before he died!
It’s about time you showed up Fox, You’re the only hope for our world!
Uncle Andross!!
Let me have a piece of that action, Fox!
I saw my life flash before my eyes!
If I go down, I'm taking you with me!
You'll be seeing your Dad soon, Fox!
Pretty smooth flying, Fox!
I think I'll torture you for awhile.
Follow me Fox.
Use the boost to chase!
Oh no, Sir. We prefer doing things our own way.
Jeez! Can anyone take care of it?
I can't leave Slippy Hanging.
It's foolish to come against me.
This is one steep bill!!! But it’s worth it.
Do a Barrel Roll!

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