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Can you name the answers to questions drawn from a few of the many offensive assumptions made by Americans?

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US-centric ClueAmerican AnswerCategory
the best country in the world, possibly the universeGeography
only people in England use this confusing measurement system, everyone else uses inches, gallons, and FahrenheitScience
I don't know who the last 16 Laureates of this prize are, but I assume that most (if not all) are AmericanLiterature
the most popular sporting league on the planet, anyone from any country could probably name every teamSports
if you don't like America, then you're probably a ________ and a threat to everything red, white, and blueJust For Fun
if a movie is made outside the United States, it is called this (and has little to no chance of winning an Oscar)Movies
The most talented musician in the world, everyone loves her music (p-p-p-poker face)Music
Super Famicom? Never heard of it. You're thinking of this old school systemGaming
on the fourth Thursday in November, everyone on Earth celebrates this holidayHoliday
US-centric ClueAmerican AnswerCategory
it's common for a U.S. celebrity to be famous for doing absolutely nothing, like this hotel heiressEntertainment
it is polite to refer to a black person by this term, even if they live in Europe or AustraliaHistory
the name of the children's sport where you kick round ball into a goal with your FOOTSports
the last thing the words ''color'', ''flavor'' and ''favorite'' need is this superfluous letterLanguage
Religion? Touchy subject in the U.S. I'm just gonna assume you believe in this guyReligion
David Brent? Oh, you mean Michael Scott from this original American comedy television seriesTelevision
WTF is Cluedo?! It's just ____Gaming
true or false: pizza, hamburgers, and tacos all originate from AmericaMiscellaneous

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