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Can you name the two word terms that are initialed ''O.O.''?

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The Prince of Darkness, rock legend known for biting the head off of not only a pigeon, but a bat as well
Miami University, not to be confused with the University of Miami, is located in this midwestern town
Application suite available for a number of different computer operating systems; it supports over 110 languages
An appointed amateur radio officer is called this. It can also refer to a fourth referee at a soccer match
It is solemn promise made by one athlete every four years (two if you count the winter version)
Called the pelagic zone by scientists, this area of the sea refers to all non-shallow waters where you would find squid, sharks, or plankton
When Indiana University and Purdue University play their annual football game they fight to take home this bucket
This computer programming paradigm has been used to design applications since the mid-'90s (with 'programming')
This fluid from the Mediterranean is mainly used in cooking but is also used in fuel for lamps
This term refers to the faith of those far-eastern Christian churches that recognize only three ecumenical councils

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