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Forced Order
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Boy turned into Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks and his squad search for a lost airborne soldier whose brothers were all killed
Tom Hanks In Spaaaaaaace!
Tom Hanks has AIDS
Tom Hanks is trapped in an airport!
Tom Hanks is having trouble resting after his wife dies
Tom Hanks is lost on an island!
Tom Hanks is E-mailing
Tom Hanks is a simple guy who has an eventful life
Tom Hanks is touched by kids
Tom Hanks' wife and child are murdered and he teaches his other son to drive!
Tom Hanks chases a criminal genius
Tom Hanks is yellow
Tom Hanks goes back to school
Tom Hanks is in prison!
Tom Hanks has a canine companion
Tom Hanks has strange neighbours
Tom Hanks throws a party
Tom Hanks works in a woman's basement
Tom Hanks meets a mermaid

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