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The size of the image on the screen; Width to Height ratio of the film frame as it appears on the screen
the individual credited with the creative vision defining a film That every director has their own artistic vision and carries this out in their movies Started in germany in 1913
Smaller budget movies Came out during the depression People would see a double bill. This type of film first then the main film after.
A practice in which movie theatres had to exhibit whatever a studio/distributor packaged with its more desirable films; declared an unfair business practice in 1948 Hollywood contr
a style of documentary film making first practiced in the late 1950s and early 60s that used unobtrusive, light weight cameras and sound equipment to capture a real life situation
All specific genres have their own codes and conventions These can change over time
1930-1950 Classical hollywood studio system Character led Mise en scene doesn’t draw attention to itself
Editing that does not draw attention to the editing
sound thats within the filmic world
Sound that doesn’t occur in the filmic world, characters can’t hear it
a gap in the narrative Period of time missing from the film / narrative
A transition between scenes
Discusses gender representation in film
Way in which a subject or subjects are framed within a shot
Having control over the production, distribution and exhibition of the films
elements of realism About social struggle after and during world war 2 1942-1952 Reality as true as possible
Sets props lighting costumes Blocking actors Everything that is included within the frame
the story that the film follows
Used in a conversation Used in a medium close up frame Not from the view of either person but from the view of the person listening
psycho sexual disorder Peeping tom Hidden from the view of others
Used in a variable lens
Camera that follows a track

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