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Editing technique that cuts back and forth between actions in seperate spaces; also called parallel editing
Key lighting, Fill lighting, Back lighting
Central convention of continuity editing; Restricts possible camera setups to the 180 degree area on one side of an imaginary line
Sources of illumination; Both natural light and electric lamps
An artistic movement, expressed in the visual and other realist arts, which depicts social and racial injustice, economic hardship, through unvarnished pictures of life's struggles
The study of signs and signification
Truthful picture of a society, person or some other dimension of everyday life; Artistic movement that aims to achieve verisimiltude
derived from linguistics and anthropology, an approach to literary and filmic narratives that looks for common structures rather than originality
The industrial organization of the major studios in the 1930s and 1940s in which film distribution was controlled through production companies' ownership of theater chains
Category or classification of a group of movies in which the individual film share similar subject matter
Idea where the camera is the view of the male and the female is the one to be viewed
The range or distance befor and behind the main focus of a shot within which objects remain relatively sharp and clear
Narrative structure that follows the freudian theory Oedipus complex
Intellectual movement that came after structuralism
one of the most influential of the avant-garde movements. Confronted middle class assumptions about normality using the powers of film to manipulate time, space, and material objec
French word for editing; used to signify any joining of images
A focus in which multiple planes in the shot are all in focus simultaneously

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