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Can you name the terms containing 'mad'?

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HintMad Term
You can drink tea with him in Wonderland
New York's Busiest Arena: ~ Square Garden
Oakland Raiders's ex-coach, and he even has a NFL video game named after him
Leathery armored animal, some can roll into a ball
A feminine palindromic word
A Portuguese island that is popular for its wine and year-round resorts
Almodavar's movie 'Todo Sobre Mi ~' (All About My Mother)
The play based on the lives of Mozart
You can sign up to work at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency with Don in this TV Show
HintMad Term
Spanish or Portuguese naval fleet
She french-kissed Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards
Communities of people who just won't settle in one place
Don't eat too much raw beef, or you will catch this mad disease
He was appointed as a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Hogwarts
A lion, a zebra, a hippo and a giraffe are the main characters in this movie
This city has La Plaza Mayor and bullfighting
Angelina Jolie's first adopted child
In this CNBC show, Jim Cramer tells you which stocks to invest on

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