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ClueThe Mice and Rats
Disney's famed icon
The girlfriend of the mouse above
New Yorker white mouse that was adopted by a 'Little' family
Beatrix Potter's story of a mouse with pesty visitors
He is the 'The Great Mouse Detective'
Kids loves to play arcade and eat at his fast food restaurant
The mouse that was in the tea party with Alice
Main character in An American Tail
These singing mice made Cinderella's first ball gown(name one of them)
One of Bart and Lisa's favorite TV character
ClueThe Mice and Rats
This mouse always outsmarts Tom
This rat has to cope with four teenaged turtles
The villain in The Nutcracker
Ash Ketchum's best friend
One is a genius and the other's insane
The musketeer mouse from Narnia
�Ándale! �Ándale! �Arriba! �Arriba!
They all ran after the farmer's wife, Who cut off their tails with a carving knife.
He can cook a really good ratatouille

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