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HintThe Band Name
Some say that zebras are black horses with these
A large bird of prey that is also the US's symbol
Also a Pixar movie with Owen Wilson
Jesus' job in his early days
A stage in your sleep when you are dreaming
The Tin man wants this from the wizard of Oz
The river bordering Earth and Hades
Hit Unisoft game 'Assasin's ___'
You will find the story of Noah's Ark in this book of the Bible
12% milk
A type of hard shelled insect
In Greek myth, they are spirits who inspire the creation of literature and arts
Discarded items (or an insult to your boyfriend)
You can reach them by dialing 999 or 911
Bracelet traditionally worn by married Indian women
HintThe Band Name
A Cape Codder cocktail is made with vodka and this juice
An isolated area of vegetation in a desert
The two types of electrical currents
The orca's misnomer is '___ whale'
Padmé Amidala and Lady Macbeth political status
Also known as cowpeas
State of mind in being free from suffering and anger
The principle that reminds you to keep it simple, stupid!
To be a gentleman, you should let ladies pass through these first
The movement of waving an oar, or a swimming technique
The TGV is the fastest of these locomotives in Europe
Also a Broadway show and Oscar winning movie
Brad and Angelina's movie: Mr. and Mrs. ___
Red Sox and New England Patriot's hometown
They are red and spicy vegetables

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