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First Part of NameThe BandSecond Part of Name
You can reach them by dialing 999 or 911-
A type of hard shelled insect-
A large bird of prey that is also the US's symbol-
A Cape Codder cocktail is made with vodka and this juice-
Jesus' job in his early days-
In Greek myth, they are spirits who inspire the creation of literature and arts-
An isolated area of vegetation in a desert-
The two types of electrical currents-
The orca's misnomer is '___ whale'-
Padmé Amidala, Lady Macbeth and Cleopatra's political status-
In Buddhism, it is the state of mind in being free from suffering and anger-
The principle that reminds you to keep it simple, stupid!-
A stage in your sleep when you are dreaming-
What gathers no moss? -
First Part of NameThe BandSecond Part of Name
Five centsPosterior part of body
The color of envyThere are usually 365 of these
Nestle's bubbly chocolate barAngelina and Brad's movie: Mr. and Mrs. ___
Hit Nintendo fighting game: Super ___(+ing) BrothersA big orange fruit
Derogatory term for Pocahontas and her tribePlace to grow plants
Jerry Seinfeld's animated movie with Renee ZellwegerEquivalent alphabet to gamma
1970's rock song lyrics: 'You pulled the trigger of my love __'Name of the dynastic war in 1400 England
Substance like rosemary, paprika, turmeric and oreganoAccording to Cyndi Lauper, who wants to have fun?
This US harbor was destroyed in WWIIFruit marmalade on your toast
You will catch it if you don't dress properly for the winterA button on your MP3 player
Basic medium for wireless communicationThe ghost in Sleepy Hollow doesn't have this
Added to your coffeeJamie Foxx' biographical film focusing a famous jazz musician
TV game show: The Weakest ___ (+in)Yellowstone, Central, Richmond are all this

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