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Ester - Carboxylic AcidHydrolysis
Alcohol - Alkoxide???
Amide - Carboxylic AcidHydrolysis
Halogenoalkane - AlcoholNucleophilic Substitution
Alcohol - AlkeneDehydration
Halogenoalkane - AlkeneElimination
Benzene - Benzenesulphonic acidElectrophilic Substitution
Alkene - AlcoholHydration
Nitrile - Carboxylic AcidHydrolysis
Halogenoalkane - EtherNucleophilic Substitution
Alcohol + Carboxylic acid - EsterCondensation
Benzene - MethylbenzeneElectrophilic Substitution
Aldehyde/Ketone - HydrazoneAddition-Elimination
Alcohol - Carboxylic AcidOxidation
Aldehyde/Ketone - CyanohydrinNucleophilic Addition
Halogenoalkane - NitrileNucleophilic Substitution
Free Radical SubstitionFree Radical Substitution
Aldehyde/Ketone - AlcoholReduction
Halogenoalkane - AmineNucleophilic Substitution
Benzene - NitrobenzeneElectrophilic Substitution
Alcohol + Acid Chloride - EsterCondensation
Alkene - AlkaneAddition
Carboxylic acid - Primary alcoholReduction
Benzene - HalogenobenzeneElectrophilic Substitution

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