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Forced Order
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How many minutes is the film avengers assemble
Who is tony stark
Star lord, drax, rocket, gamora, groot are the
What is sandmans identity
Who plays rhino in the amazing spiderman 2
What is spidermans secret identity
Who Is the head of S.H.I.E.L.D
What type of spider bites Peter Parker
Who is spideys arch enemy
Who plays young magneto in xmen first class
What is spidermans weakness
Name star lords full identity
Who is the bad guy in spiderman 1
When did the first xmen film come out (in year)
Who plays electro in the amazing spiderman 2
What famous marvel creator cameos in the films
Who is the winter soldier
In xmen who plays Logan/wolverine
Who plays captain America in the films
Cyclops identity

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