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Where does transcription happen?
What structure do spindle fibers come from?
If a cell starts with 46 chromosomes, how many will it have at the end of mitosis?
Turning DNA into mRNA is ______.
Similar cells grouped together form ____.
Maintaining a stable internal environment is ______.
Rough ER makes __________.
How many sex chromosomes do humans have?
How many chromosomes do humans have?
When solutes move from higher to lower concentration it is ______ transport.
The building blocks of DNA are _____.
What is the name of the protein that regulates the cell cycle?
What do white blood cells do?
What do ribosomes make?
_____ are responsible for transferring amino acids.
Are males or females XY?
During what phase of mitosis do the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell?
Where does translation happen?
Using mRNA to code for a protein is _____.
What are the 4 bases of RNA
'Junk' DNA is called ___________.
Expressed pieces of DNA are _______.
What bases are pyrimidines?
What are the 3 parts of respiration?
____ have anticodons.
Where in respiration is water produced?
During what phase of the cell cycle does the DNA replicate?
What bases are purines?
____ bases make up a codon.
Where do spindle fibers hook onto a chromosome?
What do red blood cells do?
Are the cells at the end of mitosis identical or different?
A solution with fewer solutes is ____.
How many ATP are GAINED from glycolysis?
When solutes move from lower to higher concentration it is _____ transport.
The building blocks of proteins are ___ ____.
A solution with equal solutes is _____.
How many ATP are MADE in glycolysis?
Where in respiration is carbon dioxide produced?
What are the 4 phases of mitosis?
Smooth ER makes _______.
Are males or females XX?
The building blocks of carbohydrates are _____.
A solution with more solutes is _____.
Similar tissues grouped together form _____.
During what phase in mitosis do sister chromatids separate?
During what phase in mitosis does the nucleus disappear?
What are the 4 bases of DNA?
During what phase in mitosis does the nucleus reappear?
What is needed to start the Krebs cycle?

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