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Can you name the identify the processes of transcription and translation?

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A nucleotide consists of a 5-carbon sugar, nitrogenous base, and _____________
DNA is a polymer made of ____________
Translation happens on the ________
RNA contains _____ instead of thymine
Turning DNA into mRNA
The rungs of the DNA ladder is made of __________
Ribosomes make _________
The enzyme that attaches nucleotides to a growing strand of DNA is DNA _______________
The 2 pyrimidines are _______ and _______
Rough ER makes ___________
Type of sugar in RNA
In eukaryotic cells, transcription happens in the ______
________ are expressed pieces of DNA
3 bases specify a _________
Using mRNA to code for a protein
tRNAs bring in ____ _____ to the mRNA
________ are considered 'junk' DNA that is not used
The type of bond that holds the rungs together is a ___________ bond.
Adenine bonds with __________
The backbone of DNA is made of _______ and __________
Guanine bonds with __________
The process of one bacteria changing another strain of bacteria is called ____________
Anticodons are located on ________
The 2 purines are _______ and _______
How many strands does RNA have?
How many strands does DNA have?
Type of sugar in DNA

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