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What is the study of prehistoric life?
Are bacteria eukaryotes or prokaryotes?
Something with equal solutes
what charge do electrons have?
Something that makes you react to the environment
what is the study of organisms in their environment?
Length is measured in _________
pH of 7
what happens to respiration if no oxygen is available?
Similar substances sticking together
Adding more substrate makes a reaction go _____
Something with more solutes
What is the study of plants
The charge of an atom if it gains an electron
pH above 7
Something with fewer solutes
what smooth ER makes
pH below 7
What is the charge of an atom in its normal state?
Water travels towards ______ solutes
Phase of mitosis where sister chromatids separate
diffusion of water
the charge of an atom if it loses an electron
what type of bond shares electrons?
What rough ER makes
Adding more enzyme makes a reaction go _____
Phase of mitosis when nucleus reappears
maintaining a stable body temperature is an example of _______
How many ATP are needed to start glycolysis?
What charge do neutrons have
What are the 3 stages of respiration?
What stage is water made in?
What type of transport requires energy?
range of the pH scale
What ribosomes make
Different substances sticking together
Metabolism that builds things up
Temperature is measured in _____
Mass is measured in ___________
The atomic number is the number of ______
what is the study of behavior?
Are humans eukaryotes or prokaryotes?
Phase of mitosis when nucleus disappears
When solutes are equal on both sides of a membrane
What stage is carbon dioxide produced?
what type of bond transfers electrons?
A positively or negatively charged particle?
Metabolism that breaks things down
What charge do protons have?
Phase of mitosis where chromosomes line up in middle of cell

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