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QUIZ: Can you name the Things Related to Margaret Thatcher

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Her Husband's first name?
Her 'political soul mate'?
The man she beat in the 1979 general election to become the first woman PM?
The person who succeeded her as Prime Minister?
The last year of her tenure as Prime Minister?
The date she passed away?
Her son's name?
Her daughter's name?
Her eldest grandchild?
The country she fought with to reclaim the Falkland Islands for Britain?
The year she first became an MP?
The Man she succeeded as MP for her constituency?
The constituency she represented for 33 years?
The place she was Baroness of?
Town of birth?
County of birth?
Her Deputy PM 1979-1988?
Her deputy PM 1988- November 1990?
The man whom challenged her for leadership of the party in 1990?
The French president (1981-1995) who she was close to?
The war she brought to a close with her friend Ronald Reagan?
Monarch she served under?
Her biggest inspiration?
Party she represented?
Year of birth?
The year she declared 'the lady's NOT for turning?
Her intentional career?
Her religion?
The Constituency she represented twice and lost, in Kent?
Her metallic nick-name?
Her close Soviet Union ally?
The type of blouse made fashionable by her?
The years between which, the national strike of coal miners took place?
Leader of the opposition (Labour Party)1983-1992?
The year she won her landslide Tory victory?
Department she served as secretary for(1970-1974)?

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