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General infoCharactermore info
Hero of the First GameHe was an amnesmatic Jedi turned Sith turned soldier turned Jedi
Villian of the first gamewas Jed apprentice to number 1, but then tried ot kill number 1 and 2
Jedi Sentinel and Love interest of number 1defeated and rescued number 1, fell in love with number 1, became apprentcie to number 2, but was saved by number 1 and 4
soldier, pilot of the Ebon Hawkfriend and pilot of number 1... has a very bad trust issue
female teen Twi'lek scoundrelis best friend to number 6 helps number 1 throughout after he rescues her and 6 from gang members
Wookiee soldier swears life debt to number 1 and number 5
Cat-like Jedi GuardianJedi, turned Dark Jedi, turned Jedi thanks to number 1
fallen Jedi Consularafter his wfe fell to the Dark Side, went into self imposed exile, until found by number 1
assassin droidassassin droid owned by number 1
former Mandalorian soldier, turned mercenaryoriginally Mandalorian soldier, eventually helps number 1
astromech droid in service to number 1Astromech Droid owned by number 1
Admiral in charge of Sith fleetwas originally Admiral in Republic navy, but became Admiral in the Sith navy after number 2 took over
Admiral in charge of Republic fleetcounterpart to number 13, good friend to number 4
Hero of second gameJedi that followed number 1 and 2 during the Mandalorian Wars against number 10 and his fellow Mandalorians. Gets exiled by the Jedi Council
cryptic Jedi Consular/ main villian of second gameJedi Master of 1 and 14. falls to the dark side after 1 and 2 go off to war
scoundral, former Jedi assassinduring the Jedi Civil War, served under number 1 and 2 as a Jedi Assassin
General infoCharactermore info
pilot from first game that becomes Admiral in second gameAdmiral in charge of his homeworld, Telos's, defense force
Jedi Master/ Dark JediJedi Master on the High Council. Loved number 14
secondary villian in second gameSith apprentice to number 15
secondary villian in second gameSith apprentice to number 15 and 19
leader of the Mandaloriansafter helping number 1 defeat number 2, became leader of the Mandalorians and helped number 14 defeat number 15, 19, and 20
blind Dark Jedi turned Jedi. Main love interest for number 14Sith apprentice to number 19, falls in love with number 14 after he spares her life when she tries to kill him
helper to number 18, secondary love interest to number 14white haired Echani warrior.
Jedi MasterJedi Master on High Council. Killed by number 15. Hid on Nar Shaddaa
Jedi Master. Advisor to number 30Jedi Master on High Council. Killed by number 15. Hid on Onderon and aided number 30
Jedi Master. Advisor to number 31Jedi Master on High Council. Killed by number 15. Hid on Dantooine and aided number 31
Ithorian in charge of Telosian Restoration ProjectHead of Telosian Restoration Project, a joint project between the Republic, the Ithorians, and Czerka Corporation
Jedi MasterJedi Master on the High Council. Killed by number 20, while exploring the Sith world of Korriban
General in charge of Onderon military forcesGeneral in charge of Onderon's military. Cousin of number 30
Queen of Onderon. Good friend of number 25Queen of Onderon. Cousin of number 29. Good Friend to number 25
Administrator in charge of Dantooine's government. good friend to number 31Head of Dantooine's government and in charge of Dantooine's restoration. Good friend to number 31

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