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The Pen
The Computer Program
The Hobby
The Reception
The Bar
The Bridge
The Answering Machine
The Floor/Hallway
The Visit/Viewing
The Colleague (female)
The Information
The Ending
The July
The Coffee
The Herd
The High School
The Bath
The Exercise/Movement
The Baking Oven
The Television
The Task/Duty
The Box
The Department of Immigration
The Bike
The can (like, Coca-Cola)
The Stop
The Printer
The Highrise (building)
The CD-Player
Cooker (Stove)
The Colour
The Cold (The Common Cold)
The job/career (starts w/ B)
The Home
The Cake
The Jeans
The Year
The Freetime
The Bus
The Boss (male)
The Cuisine (Kitchen?)
The Work Room
The Meat
The Age
The Culture
The Description
The Friend (female)
The Business/Shop
The Doctor (male)
The Tree
The Bread
The Glasses
The End
The Money
The Holiday
The Joker
The Leg
The Pharmacy
The Foreign Language
The Kitchen Cabinent
The Health Insurance
The Course
The Internet
The January
The Stomach
The Island
The Nursery
The Head
The Mr.
The Supper
The Fountain Pen
The Suit
The Customer (Male)
The Group
The Coat
The Stroll
The Fruit
The CD
The Class
The Potato
The Evening
The Abbreviation (Short cut)
The Eye
The Happiness
The Doctor (Female)
The Fever
The Attendance/Company
The Deal/Trade
The Dog
The Highway
The Spring
The Course Instructor (Female)
The Big City
The Attraction
The order/booking/reservation
The Shirt
The Cloths
The Knee
The August
The Arm (Poor?)
The Church
The Fish
The Train
The Baker (female)
The Heart
The Gram
The Baker (male)
The Birthday
The Household
The Pencil
The Handbag
The Agency/Bureau/Office
The Department Store
The Fly
The Office
The Finger
The Foreign Country
The Mountain
The Answer
The Ball
The Festival
The History
The Factory
The Question
The Vegetables
The Form
The House
The Pub
The disease/sickness
The Idea
The Drive (Journey)
The E-Mail
The Relaxation
The Topic/Subject/Item
The Talk
The Departure
The Message/Dispatch
The Banana
The Large (size)
The Debate/Discussion
The Strawberry
The Foreigner
The English
The Card
The Fridge
The Glove
The Cinema
The Border/Boundary
The Article
The Letter
The Canteen
The Cell/Mobile Phone
The Photo
The Kitchen Table
The Thursday
The Computer
The Course Instructor (Male)
The Bookshelf
The Beaker
The Pedestrian Zone
The Light
The Electrian (Female)
The Drink (Beverage)
The Electrian (Male)
The Sky
The Classroom
The Alphabet
The Dialogue
The Accent
The European (female)
The Euro
The Train Station
The Kilogram
The Calendar
The Child
The Arrival
The Bookshop
The Call
The Chance
The Employer
The Camera
The Registry Office
The Mistake/Error
The Television
The Floor (Story/Level)
The Family
The Glass
The Traffic Light
The Reason/Cause
The June
The Hair
The Notebook
The Ketchup
The Outcome/Result
The Breakfast
The Garden
The Firm/Company
The Window
The Dining Room
The Bus Station
The Contact
The Hotel
The Field
The Interview
The Customer (Female)
The Old City
The Bed
The Apple
The Chinese (Language)
The Film
The Activity
The Beer
The Bottle
The Suitcase
The Main Train Station
The Book
The Work Place
The December
The example/sample
The Health
The Castle
The Trousers (Pants)
The Balcony
The Kindergarden
The Help
The Disco
The Family Name
The order/assignment/direction
The Foot
The meaing/importance
The Cheese
The Concert
The Cafe
The Cold
The Bathtub
The Friend (male)
The Autumn
The Egg
The Nurse
The Bank
The Neck
The Pineapple
The Friday
The Employee (Female)
The Cough
The Catalogue
The Tie
The Energy
The 'Course Participant' (Male Student)
The Boss (female)
The Boy
The Department
The Textbook
The Aircraft
The Thing
The Tuesday
The Fire Service/Department
The Residence Permit
The Butter
The Greeting
The Work Time
The Car
The Shopping List
The Unemployment
The Kilometer
The French (Language)
The Football
The Brother
The Timetable (Schedule)
The Contrary/Opposite
The Work
The February
The Ground Floor
The Poem
The Alcohol
The Italian (Language)
The Job
The German Course
The Picture/Image
The Chicken
The Combination
The Blouse
The European (male)
The Bread Roll
The Bodyparts
The Employee (Male)
The Hospital
The Hand
The Body
The Meeting/Conference
The Information
The Colleague (male)
The Crossover/Cross-roads
The Homework
The German
The Ice-Cream
The Woman
The Cherry
The Application/Declaration
The Dress

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